Café 54

Café 54

ALA CARTE @RM18 per pax
(Set comes with Drink and Fruit Cut) 

Dine in available from 11.00am - 9.00pm
(on weekends & public holiday)

  1. Nasi Ayam Penyet
  2. Selections of Fried Rice/ Noodles
  3. Selections of Noodle Soup 

54 SPECIAL @Cafe 54
(min 5 pax) 

Deep Fried Fresh Live Tilapia

Set includes White Rice, Omelets, Vegetable, Dipping Sauces, Chicken Soup, Drinks & Fruit

Gerek 54

Gerek 54

Any serious cyclists on holiday in Fifty4Ferns, should not miss a pitstop to Gerek 54, a cyclists’ café.

Adjoining the pit-stop cafe is a kampong theme kedai kopi where you can find antique & new cycles showcase.

3 Course Meal

Tea Break/ Coffee Break, Supper

Walk In Menu:
Fish Head Noodle
Banana Fritters
Fried Banana
Chicken Chop
Nuggets & Fries 

(Enquire special menu of the day)



Minimum Order of 5-10 pax with prior notice 48 hours in advance. New charges applicable for new customise menu request.

Catch & Cook! Fresh Water Live Fish

Catch & Cook! Fresh Water Live Fish

RM30.00/kg for Patin

RM18.00/kg for Tilapia

Cooking Charges:

Patin Asam Pedas RM15/kg

Tilapia 3 Rase RM15/kg

Deep Fried or Grilled Tilapia RM5/kg

Fresh Live Fish available for sale either for dine in or take away.